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luvinthewake 08-16-2004 4:00 PM

I've been wakeboarding for almost 2 summers now and have progressed pretty good. the only problem is that i cut harder than any of my guy friends and i still don't cross the wake. i get high, but i land about 3/4 across. i don't know if i'm not using enough edge or what's the matter. i need help though. any ideas???

texas_wake 08-16-2004 4:28 PM

at the top of the wake extend you legs to straight help me got bout extra 4 feet on my jump

rodmcinnis 08-16-2004 8:56 PM

How hard you cut when you first start the run almost doesn't matter. What really matters is how hard you are cutting when you ride up the wake. <BR> <BR>Many people make the mistake of cutting hard at the start, and then flattening the board out as they hit the wake. This does two things; <BR> <BR> 1) it turns you in the direction of the boat, which causes you to get slack in the line and really cuts your speed across the wake. <BR> <BR>2) By not edging up the wake you lose the upward pull that the tower can give you, and you don't get the height. <BR> <BR> <BR>Instead of trying to cut harder, do a "progressive" cut. Start off slower, but edge harder and harder as you approach the wake and hold it all the way up the wake. <BR> <BR>Rod <BR> <BR> <BR>

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