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tparider 08-16-2004 12:25 PM

So I've tried a couple tantrums on the wakeskate, and decided this morning that I was ready to try it on the board for the 1st time. <BR> <BR>I was worried about coming up short and jamming my ankles because of that, so I took a pretty agressive cut in, let off about 5 feet out, and stood tall. From what my boat driver said, it looked fairly textbook, except that I ended up a little twisted on the landing, and basically fell on my butt. <BR> <BR>I think what happened is that I started to pull the rope in with my lead hand (like habit on a normal wakejump) instead of leaving it extended, and this caused me to rotate a little. <BR> <BR>No video since only 2 of us rode today, but can anyone offer any specifics on what needs to happen or what you did to land your first one? I'm thinking just try and keep my arm out more, but is there anything else? <BR> <BR>Thanks.

hypedrider7 08-16-2004 1:13 PM

David, <BR>Without seeing the video in person, its tough to say. Did you land twisted away from the boat? <BR>You don't have to jerk the hand in, but you don't want to let your arm completely out either. In the tantrum, you want to keep you arm in some this keeps the trick rotating and you are able to cushion the landing. <BR> <BR>A few things that can come to mind is moving your head to soon. Try to keep looking at the shore you came from, so you don't throw your head back and whip the tantrum. Throwing your head can always cause you to look one way and twist alittle. <BR> <BR>Have to make sure you are sqaure to the shore to the wake so you are not twisted on takeoff. Let off with your back hand and square your shoulders up to help. <BR> <BR>I have seen alot of tantrums get stretched out, the arm is too far out and the head is back, and you end up with a low tantrum that is looking like a bad attempt of a tantrum to blind. <BR> <BR>Keep on posted on things are progessing and if this helps at all. <BR> <BR>Jerrod

tparider 08-16-2004 1:29 PM

Thanks for the tips Jerrod. I'll be sure to tape the next attempts, as I know that's the easiest way to see what exactly is going right or wrong. <BR> <BR>The unfortunate part of this is that I won't be trying another tantrum for at least a couple of days. You see, on my second attempt, which was much worse than my first, I didn't commit to throwing the trick up and over, and instead after I tripped myself at the wake, I just continued wake to wake - backwards. I came down hard on my back and took a major neck snapper that I'm still reeling from. I pounded 800mg of ibuprofen and have been icing it, but I can tell that I'm going to be hating life tomorrow...lol. <BR> <BR>Thanks again.

hypedrider7 08-16-2004 1:32 PM

David, <BR>Sounds like a great fall to watch at least. Sorry to hear about the neck. Hopefully it heals and you get back on the water quickly. <BR> <BR>I have a friend that would throw a grab in on that fall. He called it the Hamburgerler. it was pretty funny off the doubleup. <BR> <BR>Jerrod

jklein 08-16-2004 2:57 PM

I can't land mine yet either, but I'm getting closer. I'm having trouble knowing where I am in the air during the roll and trying to figure out when I'm going to hit the water. I'm so disoriented, I just have to wait until the board hits the water before I know how much I rolled. I can land on my board about 70 percent of the time, but I just never know. Sometimes it happens real fast, and other times I feel like I'm rolling in the air forever. <BR> <BR>I guess more practice will give me more consistency off the wake. Sometimes I throw it too early and I land short (ouch on the ankles), and other times real late and I get alot of air. Other times I'm probably not square and it's like an HS whirly until I eat it. <BR> <BR>Been practicing backflips on the trampoline for a couple of days. I think I'll continue to do that every day to get my air awareness in order. <BR> <BR>I did read someplace that you should keep your elbows in at your side during the roll.

hypedrider7 08-16-2004 3:03 PM

John, <BR>You should work on spotting while on the trampoline. Keep your eyes open and find a focus point on the trampoline bed while you are doing your black flip. If you have two, put some tape on your tramp so you have a spot below you to look at when you get over the top in the flip. Try not to whip your head back, this causes some disorientation as well and makes it seem like everything is out of control. <BR> <BR>The same applies to when you are doing a tantrum on the water. Try not to whip your head and get a huge arch your back. Keep your eyes open and spot the water underneath you as you come around. You body will adjust to get your feet under you. <BR> <BR>Jerrod

mhsb1029 08-16-2004 10:35 PM

I am having the same problem with my tantrum. I dont have any trouble getting pop off of the wake but after I get about 1/2 way through my rotation I tend to bring the handle in towards the middle of my body which causes me to rotate towards the boat (frontside). Sometimes I spin as much as 90 degrees. When I land my chest if facing the boat and I am on my heals. After my attempts yesterday I started to wonder if I could correct this by how I was holding the handle with my lead hand. Not sure if this makes any sense but I will give it a try. When I throw the flip, (trip off of the wake) my palm is facing the direction in which I just came from (so my thumb is pointed up to the sky, this makes for a ton of leverage when I pull the handle in to the middle of my body. I was wondering if I could simply point my thumb down so that my palm was facing the direction I was traveling. With my arm in this position I am not sure if I can even pull the handle in towards the middle of my body. I am sure that this is over analyzed but let me know what you guys think. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>

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