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08-13-2004 1:12 PM

I was wondering what is the best position for your bindings on the board. Do i wsnt my feet to be close together? Also when I screw my bindings in do I want my feet to be tweaked out w/ the tops of my feet more toward the nose and tail of the board and my heels slightly tilted to the inner part of the board? Please help. Also how the hell do I break in my exo bindings? They are so tight, lucky i'm not a noob and know how to get my gorrilla feet out of them.

flashalexb 08-13-2004 1:19 PM

It all depends on what is comfortable to you. There is no right or wrong way.

sk8joe01 08-13-2004 1:45 PM

stand on your kitchen counter, or even your car, and jump straight off onto the ground. look down at your feet, behold your natural most stable foot position, also usually the optimal stance on a wakeboard

dallas141 08-13-2004 4:27 PM

My theory is to have you feet in a position that gives you the most power and stability. My stance is exactly the same stance I use when i am squating/leg press at the gym. A little more than shoulder width and ducked out slightly. But then again, its all personal preference.

08-13-2004 10:34 PM

Thanx all

jman 08-16-2004 11:02 AM

Brett, <BR>Do you have wakeboarding magazine? Check out JULY 2004 (pg.144) on stance tips.

toolfan 08-16-2004 12:18 PM

dont ride all they way out unless it is comfortable. the new cool thing is to "ride all the way out" because it makes you cool. only do it if it is comfortable. im starting to sound like a cosmo magazine, so im quitting.

hillbilly 08-16-2004 2:05 PM

I ride all the way out and duck footed . But my board is a 139 and I'm 6'2 so its more of a need then to be cool...HAHA as far as the bindings go my EXO's loosend up after about four or five runs. I even had to adjust them into the next hole on the overlays.

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