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sk8joe01 08-12-2004 7:09 PM

i wakeboard, have never tried wakeskate, but lookin at picking one up just to mess around with. i'm looking for one with real good control, just for kinda doing the stuff in the "pre pop" video, wakeslides and such. i don't have access to a place that will let me demo wakeskates, so i'm wondering is anyone has some good suggestions for the kinda tricks in that tralor. oh yeah, i'm 6' and roughly 155lbs. thanks much

socretes 08-13-2004 5:31 AM

i did the exact same thing as you. got one for just messing about with - look at the closeout deals on <a href="http://www.buywake.com" target="_blank">www.buywake.com</a> i got a LF WUD series for $60.00

sk8joe01 08-13-2004 1:42 PM

by any chance kno wut one was being used about a quarter way thru the video? that green one..

socretes 08-14-2004 4:29 AM

not sure whch video your talkn bout but mine is half green half white and has a LF logo

gnil 08-14-2004 4:56 AM

The green one is last years concave 4 tracks cassette . It is for advanced !! <BR>You can have the same shape, but without the 4 tracks by buying a concave cassette 2003, or a concave liquid force 2005. The bigger sizes will help you in choppy water and be more stable. The shorter boards are a little bit easyer on lip tricks. But if you are a beginner, play it safe. A flat deck liquid force, or cassette will work very well too and be cheaper. Check them out on this site or on buywake

gnil 08-14-2004 5:00 AM

... sorry.... a concave liquid force 2004 !! I got that one and am very happy with it, have tried the HL and the Kampus, but prefer LF

sk8joe01 08-14-2004 2:07 PM

advantage to falt deck vs. concave?

socretes 08-15-2004 2:08 AM

concave more expensive but better <BR>flat much cheaper, works fine for me

gnil 08-15-2004 1:14 PM

You won't notice much difference, unless you are doing adwanced tricks

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