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rls 08-10-2004 7:51 PM

Any suggestions? Also I know the wake on a Nautique is better on the driver side, but is it possible to get a decent wake from the left side? Thanks, <BR>

troyl 09-08-2004 1:51 PM

On my 94 SNOB we really had to get to downright dangerously loaded to get the wake big on the left side. I am talking close to 1200-1500lbs plus four people hanging out on the gunnel and the driver steering with his feet from the passenger side. <BR>This gets the rub rail in the water and at that point the wake cleans up enough to really hit it. <BR> <BR>On the drivers side it will clean at half that weight. Be carfull about submerging your fuel vent on the drivers side. <BR>

rls 09-08-2004 7:37 PM

Thanks Troy for the info. I actually have not tried my boat out. I have been riding behind a couple of friends X Stars. Where are you putting the weight? Thanks again, Randy

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