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gypsy12 08-10-2004 3:47 PM

Hi Everyone. <BR> I know this is a long shot, but my Hyperlite board and bindings were stolen last night... Someone smashed the window in my truck and took the wakeboard and a bunch of CD's &amp; other personal stuff that can't be replaced. Guess I'll never leave anything in my car again! <BR> Anyway, if anyone comes across someone selling a Hyperlite Premier (not sure what year... Sean's old board: Red one with the weird clown face on it) with blue Hyperlite Spins bindings on it, ask questions, if you feel like helping me out. The board has a chipped edge on it. Otherwise no distinguishing marks. <BR> My car insurance doesn't cover the board or anything else... only a small amount for the CD's, but not worth it, considering my deductible. Anyway, I know these things happen, and I don't mean to whine, but keep an eye out Northern Cal. riders. Thanks for reading. <BR> By the way, the board was stolen in Mountain View, CA... <BR> <BR>(Message edited by gypsy12 on August 10, 2004)

phantom5815 08-10-2004 3:52 PM

Homeowners/renters insurance may cover it.

wakelvr 08-10-2004 3:54 PM

Tara, <BR> <BR>I am so sorry to hear this!!! UGH!! People are jerks. You can borrow my divine until you get a new board! You can also borrow my old Parks;-) <BR> <BR>Stef

gypsy12 08-10-2004 3:54 PM

Thanks phantom... I had been meaning to get renters insurance, and never got around to it. Hind sight...I feel like a fool.

gypsy12 08-10-2004 3:55 PM

Stef, <BR> Thank you. I will probably be buying Mark's Premier, but maybe I'll borrow your old bindings... Unless I decide to say screw it, and get a pair of Zeus bindings. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR>

three6ty 08-10-2004 3:59 PM

Tara, <BR> Not only do I have a board you could use but I have Boat to pull you with and A private lake to pull you on. Ever get down to SOCAL Look me up. <BR>Good luck with your board <BR>Erik

wakelvr 08-10-2004 4:07 PM

Here's what it looks like (just in case). There is a huge gash on the tip of the board. You will know if you see it! <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/184651.jpg" alt="">

speedy 08-10-2004 4:08 PM

Tara, that sucks! <BR>Just let me know when we can meet up and I'll get you my board. I'm at work Fri, Sun, Tues and probably riding on Sat. I'm home until Fri so give me a call some time. If we see your board we'll kick but and ask questions later. <BR> <BR>mark

cfisher 08-10-2004 4:12 PM

Tara - Sorry to hear about that. If I see anyone running around with it, I'll kick 'em with my good leg ;) If you can't get Mark's Premier in time and want to try one of my CWB's, let me know. I won't be using them for a little while!

howie 08-10-2004 4:13 PM

Keep my eyes open for you in san jose area sorry to hear that.

dakid 08-10-2004 4:17 PM

sorry to hear that tara. check your email. tell shawn i said hi.

wakejumper8 08-11-2004 1:15 PM

Rod just told me about this. That sucks! I am so sorry to hear about it, but am happy to hear everyone's helping you out. You can always borrow mine when we ride next time.

aaronlee13 08-11-2004 1:29 PM

Keep your eye out on ebay and craigslist

rene 08-11-2004 1:45 PM

<BR>Sorry to hear about this Tara. My good friend had his board stolen at a big get together camping trip. <BR> <BR>Thieves suck. <BR>

airwarrior04 08-18-2004 2:38 PM

I will keep my eye out sorry too hear that. That SUX <BR> <BR>-zack-

98_searay 08-18-2004 5:02 PM

someone last year stole my board from my board rack! <BR>-alex- <BR>same board too

aaronlee13 08-18-2004 5:23 PM

last year mine was stolen out of my boat at my friends house tied to the dock... =(

malibuboarder75 08-18-2004 8:12 PM

my friend had his kneeboard stolen by a mexican dude. I told him "he did you a favor". He didnt use it but all his friends did.

saxosham 08-18-2004 10:48 PM

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I know exactly how you feel, the same thing happened to me 2 months back, went to jump into my car in the morning, noticed my board bag gone, couldn't believe it, then I noticed they had taken the lot, even stole my board shorts, altogether in total I had over $2000 worth stolen. The sad thing is the cops don't care less as they can't really do anything. So you have my sympathy!!

radikal 08-18-2004 11:01 PM

i am very sorry for you Tara, and dont worry i will keep my eyes open here in Montreal, sometimes stollers sells there things far away !!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

everythingcool 08-18-2004 11:24 PM

Let me know if I can do anything. Somethimes I come across so older equipment at a great price. Anything to help a fellow die hard. Chad

ivyrider 08-19-2004 12:37 AM

I will keep an eye out on the craigslist here in Sac. Sorry to hear about that. It sucks to be ripped off...

courtz 08-19-2004 12:45 AM

hey Tara, <BR>that blows that someone stole your board... i sware... if someone stole my board i would have a frickin cow!!! i hope someone can find it... or you can find it! i will help as much as i can... but i live in colorado so i dont know how much of a help i will be... but yeah! good luck sweety! <BR> <BR>Courtz

boardline23 08-19-2004 8:25 AM

that blows i keep my board under lock and key

kybool 08-19-2004 8:32 AM

That sucks Tara, <BR>You know what though, Karma is a b!%*&amp;h and it will all come back on them, I'll keep an eye out in the Tahoe area. We get a lot of bay area folk up on the weekends.

shewakes 08-19-2004 9:09 AM

Tara, <BR>I am sorry to hear about that. I can't beleive how low some people are. I am on ebay all the time so I will keep my eye out for you. <BR>

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