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waterboy008 08-10-2004 12:27 PM

<font color="ff0000">i recently made my own wakeskate at home .. i used 6 plies of 1/8 inch thick birch. it is the perfect thickness but it is soo damn heavy.. i used carptenters glue int between each ply. i am going to make another one tho except use 3 plys of 1/4 inch plywood. i want to use fiberglass for this one though... my question is what do i need ... do u buy it in a can or in sheets or what.. i have never worked with it before so please help.. also i need to know where i could get it .. thanks <BR></font>

vcboarded 08-14-2004 9:46 AM

i did some fiberglass work in high school, it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. you need either fiberglass mat, which looks like a woven mat, or chopped, which looks like a bunch of chopped fiberglass in a sheet. then you need resin and hardener, the ratio to mix it should be on the can of resin or on the tube of hardener. you are going to need a mold, which could be an old wakeboard that you chopped up to be the right size. or you could make your own by shaping the skate you already made then you need mold release, carnuba wax works, or you can get PVA, which is poly vinyl alcohol, or a number of other things. when you make a mold you cover the piece you are going to make the mold over with mold release, then you mix up your resin and harnener and put a layer of it on the mold, then a layer of mat or chopped, (mat is stronger) then another layer of resin, then let it dry. once it has dried pop it off the piece you d as a mold and now you have a mold of that piece. you are going to need something to use as a core in this board, i would suggest balsa wood, its easy to shape and very light. now cover the inside of the mold you made with mold release, mix up the resin (you are gonna need quite a bit) put a layer of resin in the mold you made, a layer of mat, alayer of resin, a layer of mat, a layer of resin, then set your core in it, then a layer of resin, mat, resin, mat, resin then let it dry and sand it smooth with very fine grit sand paper and gel-coat it if you want to. hope this helps man, good luck

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