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tallman 08-10-2004 10:42 AM

I Been Trying to throw backrolls for about a year and I finally landed a couple. The problem is I only land them once and a while I would really like to stick them consitanlly. I get plenty of hieght and to much rotation. I Can slow my rotation down but then I usally fall short and wind up drinking lake water. My question is when is see the water is there a way to stop the rotation? Should I open up sooner? Any help would be greatly apprciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks Mark

08-13-2004 2:39 AM

TO slow down your rotation, let drop your back hand earlier... <BR> <BR>Backroll is a trick which do not require speed, the boat do the rest. Simply cut on edge and load the rope. When you feel that the borad is off the ake then turn your head toward your back sholder. <BR>Do not through the borad away from the boat or you will go for a 180 at the end <BR> <BR>good luck

harryhog 08-13-2004 4:03 AM

how do u slow the rotation, cause i've been landign a few recently but really low. i've tried making them bigger but am now seriously overotating and so need to learn how to slow/stop the rotation.

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