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mesamc 08-09-2004 5:29 PM

I guess it is spreading. We were pulled over Sat for surfing. Officer said that we had to be 20ft behind the boat. He stated that we were involved in wreckless behavior. After talking to him for awhile and trying to educate him he was open to the idea if we got it approved by Game and Fish. <BR> <BR>I guess the next step is trying to educate G and F that it is safe. Has anyone been down this path yet?

switchblade 10-11-2005 2:39 PM

Thats crazy I Surf there all the time but haven't been in a while I'm going in 2 weeks I guess I should watch out.

niap101 10-11-2005 8:32 PM

I do not know what the law states in Arizona, but I have seen an "Arizona Safe Boating" publication that stipulates the 20' rule. If the officer wants to write you a ticket for "unsafe boating", they can, regardless of the law. We had a similar problem here in Austin; however, everyone that fought the ticket was found "not guilty". It is no longer a problem. <BR>Rumor has it that the 20' rope rule was introduced by a boat manufacturer because of their concern for Carbon Monoxide. Our studies have shown that the people in the boat get far more carbon monoxide than a wake surfer. <BR>The 20' rule is still being promulgated by Supra/Moomba on their website. On my list of things to do: contact them about their erroneous information. All Supra/Moomba owners should contact them and raise hell. <BR>If you ever need help fighting a 20' ticket, our studies, and those performed by the CDC are on our website at www.FreshAirExhaust <BR>If you need help, contact us. <BR>

sevenseven 10-13-2005 8:48 PM

We surf at Lake Pleasant all the time and have always wondered what the fuzz would have to say. I know wthe AWA put on a wakesurf comp there (Pleasant) this year so you may want to check with them to see if they have any ideas on how to keep you surfin out there.

surfdad 10-14-2005 4:50 AM

Yeah, I was at that competition in April of last year, I do believe the AzWA reserved Two Cow Cove. If I am not mistaken, a patrol boat went by and never said or did anything. Those folks did an excellent job of putting on a contest and were very organized. I'm sure they would know who to talk to OR what particular piece of law allows folks to surf. I'd suggest you give them a call.

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