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raider40 08-09-2004 1:28 PM

Tried these for the 1st time last weekend and actually landed the 5th one I tried (albeit a sketchy landing). Once I stared trying them again the next day though I am having trouble not taking them to 5. <BR> <BR>I read that you pull the handle to your back hip with both hands and I think I'm pulling too hard. I end up somewhere between a 3 and 5 which isn't helping my neck/head. <BR> <BR>Any suggestions?

eas 08-09-2004 2:35 PM

I just re-learned these and often do just what you described. Try to do a nice, slow 180 up to the peak of your jump, and don't finish the 3 and pass the handle until you're on the way down. It may seem like it'll be too late, but don't rush it. You don't even need to really "pull" for the TS 3. You'll finish by reaching for the handle pass. Then, make sure you look at the horizon.....not at the boat. Your head position at the landing is the key to not sliding out....good luck.

eubanks01 09-07-2004 3:30 PM

Same problem for me. I land between 3 and 5 and slip out on the other wake. My head is usually turned back looking towards the boat and it is VERY hard not to do that. <BR> <BR>Maybe I should start trying to land wrapped to keep from over-rotating. What do you think? Although, I tried them a long time ago and couldn't never land them until I started passing the handle. <BR>

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