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cwbrider16 08-04-2004 7:38 AM

I just started to elarn what i thought were heelside backflips. After watching them on tape though i dont really do backflips but instead frontrolls (like a trampoline front flip) Anyone have any tips on how to fix it? It feels like i do backflips but i dont.

cowdoc13 08-04-2004 10:58 AM

Not for certain based on your description, but you may be doing a combination of a tantrum and a front flip. I think it is called a "Frantrum". A Tantrum is coming in heel side, and at the last second letting go with your rear hand, squaring your shoulders up with the wake, all while changing to a toeside edge at the top of the wake. When one feels the pop, they throw their head back to spot the water and help complete the back flip. It is just like doing a back flip on a trampoline. I think it is called a "trip trick" because in the process of switching from a heelside edge to a toeside edge at the top of the wake, the wake trips you and helps intiate the flip. <BR> <BR>If I understand a front flip correctly, and I cannot do one on the water, it is like a front flip on a trampoline. One comes to the wake heelside and weights their back foot a little heavier going up the wake. When one feels the pop, they throw their head and lead shoulder down towards the tip of the board. The board should travel more tip over tail (e.g., end over end) if it is done correctly. With a tantrum, the board travels more rail over rail (e.g., side over side) when done correctly. <BR> <BR>When I first started playing on a trampoline, I read that a front flip on a wakeboard is like doing a no handed cartwheel on the ground. When I started trying to throw a front flip on a trampoline, I thought I was throwing my head down and more towards what would be my lead foot or the front of the board, and that my lead shoulder was following my head. When I saw video of what I was doing, I saw that I was throwing my head more back, and over my lead shoulder, than down towards my foot like a front flip. Because I was throwing my head more behind my lead shoulder, it caused me to do more of a front flip with the upper half of my body and a back flip from the waste down. Later on I learned that kind of rotation is what is called a "Frantrum" because it is part "front flip" and part "tantrum". <BR> <BR>I have never been able to duplicate the frantrum rotation on the water. I would post video of it on the trampoline, but my camera is old like me and not digital. And, I am not technologically advanced enough to even know if it could be convert to digital or how one would go about doing it. If you have video of what you are doing and can post it, people that know a lot more about it than me will be able to give you some true help. <BR> <BR>At the time I was trying to sort out front flips and backflips on a trampoline, I could not do a true "back flip" on a trampoline. But I learned to do a backflip on a trampoline by just taking what I was doing while trying to throw a front flip on a trmpoline and opening my stance up and throwing both my head and my shoulder back. Before long I could do a backflip, front flip and a combination of the two while holding a handle tied to a tree. But I can only do the tantrum on the water, and I am still working to get it consistent. <BR> <BR>Just my 2-cents worth. I could be totally wrong with my assessment of what you described. If you got video, post it. Video will usually get more comments that are helpful. Sorry for the long post. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by cowdoc13 on August 04, 2004)

cwbrider16 08-04-2004 6:20 PM

is wakepics the best way to post a video or is there an easier way.

cwbrider16 08-04-2004 7:00 PM

here's the vid of my backflip attempt.. <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php?medid=11446" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php?medid=11446</a>

tparider 08-04-2004 7:51 PM

looks like you loaded the vid a little short. it's only a second or two, and you're just cruising in the flats.... <BR> <BR>I think you may be talking about a mexican backroll...

cwbrider16 08-04-2004 7:54 PM

works on my computer but i dont know this whole video thing...and i think it is a mexican backroll

08-04-2004 9:16 PM

mikeyt, After watching your vid, I can see you are doing a Heelside Backroll, but it looks like your trying to throw the trick. <BR> <BR>Read this it will help. <a href="http://www.wakeboardnebraska.com/tips/heelside_backroll.htm" target="_blank">http://www.wakeboardnebraska.com/tips/heelside_backroll.htm</a>

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