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mango 08-03-2004 8:58 AM

What do you think about the new O'brien Traffic wakeskate? <BR> <BR><a href="http://wake.com.au/modules.php?name=Boards&amp;id=169" target="_blank">http://wake.com.au/modules.php?name=Boards&amp;id=169</a> <BR><a href="http://wake.com.au/modules.php?name=Boards&amp;id=170" target="_blank">http://wake.com.au/modules.php?name=Boards&amp;id=170</a>

maddie 08-09-2004 8:26 AM

dude dont do it i just got it and the dam thing blows it dont track or nothn it kicks out from under you no matter wut siaze fins i like the hyperlite skates wook or fibreglass way betr.

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