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08-02-2004 11:09 PM

i dont know what im doing wrong help me out <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/member/Wakewil" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/member/Wakewil</a>

weygone 08-03-2004 8:22 AM

i cant do 360s but am working on them and it looks like youre not pulling the handle in to initiate your spin and as a result have no chance at making the handle pass. if you watch the video the hand you should be passing the handle to is no where near the handle. also it looks youre starting your cut into the wake much further away than you need to.

08-05-2004 8:33 AM

Dude... you are cutting too hard for starters. You really want to go wake 2 wake... landing on the downside of the wake. Try to go more up than out by loading the tail. You have to concentrate on the jump. You are pulling the handle way too early. Try this... build up just enough speed to clear the wake. As you are coming in, try to have as little tension on the line as possible. Load the tail (put weight on back foot) as you are going up the wake... you should feel more of a pop like a trampoline. When you get to the peak of the jump... and NOT before... if it is a good jump... start pulling the handle. Keep you eyes on the boat for as long as you can while you are spinning. When you can hold them on the boat anymore, snap your head around the other direction (to your left) and look at the boat again. This will help keep your axis. Pass the handle and ride on. <BR> <BR>If this doesn't help, try one more thing. As you are going up to the peak of the jump, turn a slow 180... keeping your axis. On the way down, turn another 180 while looking over your left shoulder for the boat. Again... do this with as little cut as possible. <BR> <BR>I hope one of these has helped you out.

08-05-2004 3:07 PM

thanks for the help i landed a 360 yesterday and you were right i di have too much tension on the line

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