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indyracers10199 08-02-2004 8:31 AM

Does anybody know what the 2005 Parks wakeboard and bindings will look like. And when will they come out. <BR> <BR> Thanks

mango 08-02-2004 8:39 AM

nothing yet...You will see if here first at WAKEWORLD.COM! <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/180318.html?1091161790" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/180318.html?1091161790</a>

toolfan 08-02-2004 9:04 AM

its gonna be the sickest board ever. its gonna pop you twice as much as any other 3-stage board out there. the bindings will bee super light, but be more durable than any binding out there. <BR>........or atleast that is what the brochure will say. <BR> <BR>Parks board: the great foam hype.

africantapwater 08-02-2004 5:00 PM

Would it be dumb for a beginner - intermediate to buy a parks and get familiar with it?

wakestar8878 08-02-2004 5:05 PM

Yes you can get familiar with it. <BR> <BR>Would I suggest it for a beginner - intermediate? <BR> <BR>NO.

wakeriderixi 08-02-2004 6:05 PM

Yea its possible but not forgiving... Anyone that really wakeboards isn't gonna look at you any better just because your on a Parks board.... nothing against the board, its great, but from someone that knows what they are talking about your gonna be looked at by your personality and skills, not a Parks board..

africantapwater 08-02-2004 7:23 PM

i wasnt going after it for the looks, im looking at it for the long run. dont want to really replace a board after a year or two, these things are expensive <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>

harryhog 08-03-2004 2:17 AM

u should consider boards like the TDF, premier and era. these are all great boards for progressing, and high standard boarders'

tantrum20 08-03-2004 3:30 AM

a super light HL binding... can't wait to see that happening...

toolfan 08-03-2004 5:54 AM

the Parks are lighter than the Zeus by 1 oz. I was amazed when I weighed them myself.

wakestar8878 08-03-2004 10:00 AM

I agree with Harry, but don't rule out the Motive series.

33drew 08-03-2004 12:37 PM

motives are awesome, i like it more than all the new boards, probably cuz im used to it <BR> <BR>my setup-2002 Belmont(nowdays motive) with 04 zeus and 1.1 Lf fins

obrienride16 08-03-2004 1:05 PM

Hey Tool, <BR> <BR>When did you see the new stuff? What shop do you work for or do you ride for Hyperlite? Give us the lowdown. <BR> <BR>Thanks

absolutewake134 08-04-2004 10:18 AM

check out the new alliance mag in the 1st page...shows a pic of all the hyperlite board and bindings including the parks setup

curtbernstein 08-09-2004 7:48 PM

I own the 2004 Parks board and love it... if anyone finds anything online about the parks board and bindings please email me at <a href="mailto:curtb6@earthlink.net">curtb6@earthlin k.net</a> ..........OK, now that thats over im ready to share what little i know about the highly highly highly anticipated 2005 PARKS setup.. I watched the X-Games they were on august 7th i belive.. I taped it actually.. and in the x games parks takes third place, sharpe takes second, and froggy soven somehow took first over them... infact.. ive never seen a better double half cab roll out of parks ever then the one he pulls in the x games competition.. anyways, enough of that getting to the point..board first, then bindings....: the board i saw him ride was defeintly a hyperlite board.. we are pretty sure its the parks becuase it still maintains a fairly standard shape of the hyperlite parks boards... ive also heard that the shape HAS changed, this is also a pretty good possibility.. i couldnt imagine parks changing the boards shape all too much because it is an amazing board and im pretty sure its hyperlites biggest seller... but the parks board does look like it maintained the same shape.. i watched my tape over and over to see any shape change and if there is anything differnet about the design of the board.. it has to small things.. i think that the abrupt 3 stage rocker probably could have become a little bit more abrupt.. and if you notice on the 03 and 04 shape, the side rails on the nose and tail are down lower... i think they may have gone even lower then ever to let the board ride up even higher.. and my only other observation of the shape is that the board could have possibly gotten a little bit thicker.. oh yeah and same fin setup too..... rumor has it hyperlite is using new materials for all their stuff, wether its true or not i dont know, and what i think of it..... its hyperlite, it cant be bad... as for the graphics.. it looks most similar to the 03 boards.. with the white top and some strange thing.. couldnt get a good look but it looked most like the 143 - 2003 parks graphic i think thats the one with the silver eagle man.. but it definetly wasnt that board because there was a little bit of red in it.. and the bottom of the board is 100% black with the hyperlite symbol with the italic H in the sideways oval..... as far as the bindings go.. looks like they have changed a little bit but for the most part.. instead of black white and red... or black and blue.. they are all silver and black... and they look SICKKKK!!!!!!!! - and by the way.. chad sharpe was riding some 05 hyperlite that had a red top and a white bottom and said hyperlite in strange cursive letters... and bindings the same color as what i described as the 05 PARKS bindings.. maybe thats wat he was riding.. dont know.. anyone else finds more info... LETS HEAR IT <BR>-Curt

wakeriderixi 08-09-2004 8:02 PM

You can see Parks' board on the X-Games photo gallery D.Williams supplied us. Also shows 1 picture of the new Era bindings.

magellan 08-09-2004 8:44 PM

Wow Curt. <BR>Are you on HO's payroll? <BR> <BR>"rumor has it hyperlite is using new materials for all their stuff, wether its true or not i dont know, and what i think of it..... its hyperlite, it cant be bad" <BR> <BR> <BR>This might be the most amazing statement I've ever heard on this site. <BR>

malibuboarder75 08-09-2004 8:52 PM

curt only has 2 posts...i think he is a dedicated rider, or at least knows what he is talking about <BR> <BR>(Message edited by malibuboarder75 on August 09, 2004)

curtbernstein 08-10-2004 6:58 PM

hahaha.... i would call myself a dedicated rider... infact I landed my first whirlybird rite before leaving that last post... I'm 16 and definetly dont work for Hyperlite haha.. but I can't wait to see the new parks setup... im a new register on this site, so that explains only two posts... and as far as hyperlite is concerned... they just keep steping it up, isnt it obvious?

westsidarider 08-10-2004 7:41 PM

the new parks board is the same general shape as last year. the step down rail on the tip and tail of last years board now goes all the way down the board through the senter. the chanels by the fins arent as deep. its got the same rocker pattern. the tip and tail are shaped slightly different with a more agressive battail style. dna colors are a white topdeck with a black graphic. the biolite is a black topdeck with white graphic. graphics are hyperlites usual semi synical badass graphics. <BR>-the bindings are the same binding, except made out of new materials for a better comfort and hold. bindings are black and silver.

curtbernstein 08-10-2004 8:39 PM

where did you see these graphics at?? do tell...

westsidarider 08-10-2004 10:35 PM

the new 05 catalogue is out. took a look at one this past weekend. new boards should be in stores by september

curtbernstein 08-11-2004 7:59 AM

how did u get the 05 catelog?! SCAN SOME STUFF!!

toolfan 08-11-2004 8:19 AM

some new HL is in the new Wakeboarding Magazine. They have a 2 page spread a couple pages into it. I was surprised to see that the new Temet bindings are actually brown. I though that picture was a crappy scan.

harryhog 08-11-2004 8:26 AM

toolfan, can u give us a better scan, cause that other one makes their stuff look worse than this years stuff

toolfan 08-11-2004 8:45 AM

i dont have a scanner.

hobag 08-11-2004 8:51 AM

its just pictures right? I heard the brouchure wont be ready for a little while

stephan 08-11-2004 9:46 AM

I think the fact that the Parks is Hyperlite's best seller has absolutely nothing to do with the boards shape. I am impressed that they actually changed the shape, it's not like Hyperlite to make adjustments right in the middle of the boards five year run(unless you're Byerly).

curtbernstein 08-11-2004 10:44 AM

I'm not sure about the population of people who got the board... I've been riding for a long time and love the shape, but yeah, it is Parks Bonifays board and for all the newcomers to the sport, it looks to them like a sweet buy... although, the changes in shape are definetly going to make people like myself go an try out the board and think about it for sure... good point though - i wanna see this board.. somebody post some pictures

obrienride16 08-11-2004 12:37 PM

chad sharpe was riding his new board the 3ds with the new hibacks that are all black at the x games. i have held the new parks in my hands and it is sick and it definately has changed for the better.

magellan 08-11-2004 2:13 PM

Did you ride it? <BR>How has it changed for the better? <BR> <BR>

curtbernstein 08-11-2004 2:36 PM

<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/184169.html?1092259976" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/184169.html?1092259976</a>

obrienride16 08-11-2004 3:09 PM

i rode it in a 140 and it is just flat out smoother

curtbernstein 08-12-2004 3:31 PM

What about the 05 bindings... any opinions?

westsidarider 08-14-2004 11:03 AM

dont think that its fair to give any opinions till i see them in person and ride them.

scott_a 08-14-2004 6:36 PM

Curt: damn foo. calm down. it sounds like youre gonna mess your pants...

p0ptart 08-15-2004 3:14 PM

Here is the 2005 line. My local shop says it comes out in a couple of weeks. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.extreme.com.sg/hyperlite/hyperlite.htm" target="_blank">http://www.extreme.com.sg/hyperlite/hyperlite.htm</a>

scott_a 08-15-2004 10:13 PM

i saw an 05 era 137 in the racks of some i/o at the delta today. they didnt have a tower and were powerturning everywhere...they were riding behind orwood where the sliders used to be (actually there is one set up right now).

airwarrior04 08-16-2004 10:29 PM

you can see basically all the 05 hl gear at wakegiant.com hope it works

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