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joe_788 08-01-2004 6:56 PM

I just picked up an 04 X2 about 2 months ago. It just hit 170hrs today, and will definitely have 300 by the end of the year. <BR> <BR>At what point do the hours start to significantly affect(effect?) the resale value of the boat? If I keep it all next summer, it would be 800hrs+ by the end of October. I've seen 12 year old boats with fewer hours. <BR> <BR>The boat still looks/performs like it has 20 hours, but I know a high hour reading will scare away most buyers. <BR> <BR>I believe I could sell the boat in the fall, or next spring and only take a 4-6K hit on the resale. The question is, how much money will I lose if I keep it all next summer and put 800hrs+ on it? <BR> <BR>

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