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gary_in_ia 08-01-2004 6:25 PM

Any ideas on weighting a 93 Sport Nautique? And also the speed? I ride goofy (right side). <BR> <BR>I had some success this weekend, but finding and repeating the sweetspot was a challange.

miken 08-02-2004 9:16 AM

We ride goofy and have a 96 Prostar 205. We use the following - 450 lb sack by engine cover behind driver (we have Lounge sack with inflatable back rest). Another 450/500 pound sack in back placed as much to driver side corner as possible. One person sits on the sack behind driver. Another sits in back driver side corner.....but you have to rotate this person because of carbon monoxide. (Also, make sure you use non-stretch rope...we learned the hard way with stitches above brother-in-law's eye.) Others sit in bow on drivers side. This produces a wave just slightly above our knee that all our group (young, old, male, female) can ride without the rope for as long as they want from 12' to 8' behind the boat. Depending on weight of rider we run 10 - 10.5 mph with Perfect Pass. Hope this helps.

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