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aaron14 07-31-2004 2:37 PM

This is my first season wakeskating and i cant ollie. I could really use some help

jamie_lamar 07-31-2004 9:32 PM

Keep trying!!! Don't give up... Don't ever give up!!!

catalyst 08-01-2004 10:02 AM

ok when you want to ollie what you should do is snap down the tail reallly hard and take all the weight off your front foot when u feel it rise up level off with your front foot and ride away.

powerchordkid87 08-02-2004 3:23 PM

if you know how to ollie on a skateboard it helps a ton. it is pretty much the same thing but instead of sliding your front foot up its more of just lifting it up. and when you pop it up also bring up the back foot. not off of the board but just to let the whole board rise. many people when starting out push the tail down just fine but if your foot doesnt come up neither can the deck!

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