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brentcochran 07-29-2004 4:07 PM

Does anyone know where I can find one and how much they cost. I don't have a built in ballast system but I want to mount a switch and leave the pump where it is. I know I'll have to hold the tube under the water somehow, but I think that beats moving the pump around. <BR> <BR>Thanks for any help you can provide. <BR> <BR>BC

jwat142 07-30-2004 6:46 AM

I was just getting ready to list my jabsco reversible, self-priming ballast pump in the classifieds if you would be interested in it. This is the same type of pump that mastercraft uses in their ballast systems I believe. I haven't listed it yet because I still need to get pictures. I should have them by tonight. Anyways, I think this pump sells for $250 in stores and I will sell mine for $160 including shipping. I used it a little last year in my old boat, but now I don't need it anymore. Still in excellent condition. Let me know. . . <a href="mailto:jwaterson14@hotmail.com">jwaterson14@ hotmail.com</a>.

jmccallum 07-30-2004 7:58 AM

Brent do a search on this board for "ballast pumps", "Jabsco", "simer" <BR> <BR>There is some good info

jwat142 07-30-2004 8:05 AM

By the way, my pump is ignition protected and has run-dry protection unlike some other pumps.

rem_pss308 07-30-2004 11:48 AM

<a href="http://www.wakeboardboats.com/Phase4/Home/DispProduct.asp?ProductID=116" target="_blank">http://www.wakeboardboats.com/Phase4/Home/DispProduct.asp?ProductID=116</a> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.go2marine.com/frameset.jsp?servletPath=/g2m/action/GoBPage/id/54543F/hiLiteSku/54543/categoryId/11641/" target="_blank">http://www.go2marine.com/frameset.jsp?servletPath=/g2m/action/GoBPage/id/54543F/hiLiteSku/54543/categoryId/11641/</a> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.go2marine.com/frameset.jsp?servletPath=/g2m/action/GoBPage/id/95774F/hiLiteSku/95775/categoryId/11641/" target="_blank">http://www.go2marine.com/frameset.jsp?servletPath=/g2m/action/GoBPage/id/95774F/hiLiteSku/95775/categoryId/11641/</a> <BR> <BR>

jwat142 07-30-2004 1:03 PM

The "water puppy" and "ballast puppy" are two different pumps. I have the ballast puppy which I believe is the one in the last link listed by Mike above.

jwat142 08-01-2004 8:26 PM

Brent, <BR>What's the deal? You said you were going to buy the pump and wanted it shipped out tomorrow 2nd day air and I still haven't received the money in my paypal account or received any messages from you??? <BR> <BR>For anyone else, I guess this pump is still for sale. Brent said he was buying it and would pay me Friday night. Well, I still haven't seen any money. So, you can check the classifieds for all the details. Thanks.

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