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gnil 07-28-2004 1:45 AM

Has any one seen relentless yet ? How good is it?

scott_a 07-28-2004 2:52 AM

saw it at the premiere at the irvine pwt. its freakin siiiiiiiick. it wasnt finished at that time, but im sure it will be done soon.

wakestar8878 07-28-2004 10:19 AM

I seen it at the Encinitas Premier. Awesome Video...hands down.

cenfla 07-28-2004 11:09 AM

One of the best vids ever made...and when I saw it, it wasnt done either. The sound track is awesome and so is the editing, justin did such a great job. After watching each section you really have a feel about what each rider is all about. It really shows LF as being a major contender in the wakeboard scene

gnil 07-28-2004 1:43 PM

When will it be available ?

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