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gatorsactions 07-27-2004 4:20 PM

Don't know if it matters but I'm in the midwest and am wondering what I should be expecting to pay for an 05 x2 with the following setup. I'm guessing somewhere right around 50K would you agree with that? <BR> <BR>05 X2 - Pro Tour Red (deck, hull, and everything between) <BR>350 MCX <BR>Tower speakers <BR>Tower lights <BR>Fiberglass platform <BR>Depth finder <BR>Heater <BR>Tower Mirror <BR>Single axle trailer <BR>Perfect Pass - Wakeboard pro <BR>Stereo remote <BR>Cover <BR>Bimini Top <BR> <BR>I'm also pricing an 05 xstar with basically the same setup. Any thoughts on what kind of price I should expect on that?

wakelvr 07-27-2004 4:25 PM

Yes, you are in the ball park. Try and have them throw in a 6 year bumper to bumper as well. <BR> <BR>Good luck... We love our X2!

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