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hyoctane 07-27-2004 8:32 AM

I wanted to start wakeboarding, but I only have access to Jet skis... the most powerful being an Arctic Cat Tigershark(can do 60mph, not sure of horse power). Is it worth it to try to wakeboard behind it? <BR> <BR>Thanx, <BR>Craig

mango 07-27-2004 8:37 AM

I doubt that your Tigershark does 60MPH...its probably 50MPH. Wakeboarding behind a jet ski won't be as much fun as behind a boat but practice your surface tricks and ollie's. Also you might want to pick up a wakeskate.

wakeguru 07-27-2004 8:54 AM

Absolutely worth it. Most likely it will pull you up out of the water - just make sure you have a wakeboard that is big enough and don't give up until you drink from the golden cup!

rhondastarr 07-27-2004 2:23 PM

Hey craig, I just started wakeboarding this year and we got brand new jet skiis. You can totally wakeboard behind them. Especially if you're learning its easier to get up and to learn how to make your board function for ya. But hey its not even close to as much fun as it is beghind a boat, but not everybody has a boat, including you and I. So get on the water and have fun man. <BR> <BR>Hey Mango... my jet skiis can do 60? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by rhondastarr on July 27, 2004)

drumnwake420 07-27-2004 4:06 PM

I have a seadoo that I got to 64 with both me and my girl on it... I'm about 215 and she's about 110, but i was still really suprised i got it up there... <BR> <BR>We were in this little cove anchored up on Memorial day and just kickin it in the water when my brother decided to pull me on the waverunner... flying around a turn at 40-50+ heelside on glass is hella fun!!

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