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deiselgrover 07-27-2004 7:20 AM

My bilge pump works fine in manual mode. When I turn it on to auto mode the pump comes on and runs for a minute or so then shuts off. My boat takes on VERY little water so I rarely need it. However, it did get caught in a pour down and when I got to it I had to turn the pump on manual and it pumped for a good 3 or 4 minutes (the pump was on auto during the pour down). Unfortunately I didn't look to see at what level the water was at. Does this sound like the float is bad? What level do they typically turn on at? Since the pump is good can I buy any float switch and change out or does it need to be the same brand as the pump? My boat is a 92 Sport Nautique. If I need to get a whole new set up what size (gph) should I get for my boat? Thanks! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by deiselgrover on July 27, 2004)

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