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radikal 07-26-2004 7:28 AM

hi, i want to buy a wakeskate and i dont know wich size take ? <BR> <BR>i am 6'0 feet for 290pounds. <BR> <BR>let me know

myz113 03-17-2005 7:37 PM

i would go with a 4x8 sheet of plywood

nlitworld 03-18-2005 12:55 AM

hahahaha, basically I would go with the largest one that you find. shop around because I know there should be one reasonably big enough. If anything, just ride a little faster.

treycleaton 03-18-2005 12:35 PM

At least a 43 inch.

kento911 03-19-2005 4:45 PM

wakeskating doesnt rely on a reccomended size chart, I suggest you go down to a local shop and stand on a few see what feel most comfortable, if you can demo thats even better, but truth is size has more to do with your comfort and the type of tricks you want to do, oboviusly a bigger board will go W2W better, but a small board will be easierto do technical tricks on, also a compression molded skate will be more bouyant than a wood skate so that will make a difference too. . . . btw I ride a 39 inch skate and Im 6'1" 225

madchild1 03-30-2005 10:07 PM

i know there was a huge grubb model. like 116 i think. we got it for the fatties that ride with us.

lunaraven 03-31-2005 12:44 PM

I ride a Grubb 116 and I'm hardly a fatty at 165. I prefer it to the smaller ones as I like the extra surface area.

koolkid 06-22-2005 11:50 AM

}im 5'4-5'5 around their and weigh 120 what size wkaeskate do i get? <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by koolkid on June 22, 2005)

xbar 06-22-2005 3:27 PM

With the skates you are pretty open as to what size you want to ride. Most of them are also between 40-42 inches, or 105-116 centimeters. I'm 5'10, 175 and I love my Byerly 107. It gets decent pop, easy to throw around for shuvs, and can cut well for easy and big w2w jumps!

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