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brick 07-25-2004 11:12 AM

I've never used lead before in my boat. I just bought a SAN 210 and want to add lead wieght in the bow. Here's the question: do you pull the lead out of the boat after every use for trailering?

tlb 07-25-2004 11:28 AM

I'm using lead and fat sacks in my 03 SAN. Right now I've got 2 65lb bars under the front cushion that stay there all the time. I have 2 more that I put under the bow filler cushion that I move to the back of the boat when loading and trailering, and 1 more we move around the boat to balance depending on where people are sitting. I've got 2 250lb fat sacks on top of my flat tanks in the rear. The wake is great, and it saves having to have a fat sack in the bow. I'm not sure I want to trailer around much more than that in lead but have been thinking about adding 3 more bars.

thepizzaman 07-30-2004 8:33 AM

We have 500 lbs of steel shot bags in our boat. I do trailer w/ it in but we have a tandem axle trailer w/ brakes.

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