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07-25-2004 10:20 AM

I'm really having trouble stomping by backroll. Everyone tells me i basically do it perfectly except sometimes i don't get the pop and sometimes i don't keep the handle close enough to my body. It's real annoying cuz sometimes i land it perfectly but haven't spotted my landing so im too surprised to stomp it and other times i take bad crashes where the nose of the board digs into the water. i also don't think i have my eyes open when i do the backroll. When i take bad crashes in a set i have like no confidence to try it again and end up not trying it for like a week. Anybody have any tips for me on how to really stomp my backroll and regain my excitement about landing it. PLEASE HELP and also look at my picture on my profile to give me advice too. <BR> <BR>thanks, -max

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