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guido 07-24-2004 10:05 AM

Just wanted to forward an invite to anyone in the eastbay to a LUAU party at O'kanes bar and restaraunt in San Ramon. Anyone thats been to one of these parties before knows they are a good time. Pool tables, full bar, cigar room and dancing. Just hoping to meet up with some of the locals for a night of partying. We're going to see what we can do about setting up some TV's and playing some wakeboard videos and theres going to be a bunch of giveaways. <BR> <BR>Pary is Sat. July 31st, check <a href="http://www.amosproductions.com/luauparty.htm" target="_blank">www.amosproductions.com/luauparty.htm</a> for details. Hope to see some of the old faces as well as some new ones.

norcalmalibu 07-24-2004 4:04 PM

What kinda party is this? Im down to go to okanes for a beer and watch some videos.

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