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wake2end 07-23-2004 5:55 PM

I'm looking at an 87 Bu right now that is in really good shape. I'm going to use it exclusively for wakeboarding and I was thinking about buying it and putting two side sacs, a locker sac, and a sac up front in the open bow. Would this throw a decent wake?

cgutzmer 07-26-2004 7:59 AM

I have a 2001 sunsetter lxi and i would not put a sac in the trunk because of the fuel tank being underneith the trunk. I made a custom ballast tank under the rear seats and I put one sac in the front walkway plus the wedge and it puts up a nice wake. Its more of an intermediate wake good for 360s, 180s, tantrums, backrolls, etc.... If you want to go huge you will need to add another 1500lbs. Then watch out big wake, I had all the ballast filled plus 10 people in the boat and it was a monsterous wake!!! I was getting launched....

cgutzmer 07-26-2004 8:06 AM

Just be careful if you do this, I was well over the recommended capacity of the boat. I'm sure if you nose dive into a roller the boat would probably sink. It was cool to have a wake that big but you need to drive very carefully. I have come close to sinking and don't recommend exceeding capacity of the boat.

wake2end 07-26-2004 8:02 PM

Thanks man, I saw some of your videos at Wakepics.com, crazy stuff. How much weight would you recommend with like 5 people in the boat? <BR>

07-27-2004 4:37 AM

The boat should be fine for boarding. I have a '92 Sunsetter. With 5 people in the boat, a pair of 500lb sacks on the side of the engine. Have one person up front, one person in spotter seat, and one person in back.

jklein 07-27-2004 8:54 AM

In my 97 I run 600 behind the engine, another 100 under the back seat, a 550 in the ski locker with a 350 on top of the walkthru, as well as another 160 under the front cushions, plus the wedge. <BR> <BR> <BR>It's pretty good and I don't have any bow wash problems or driving issues. It is a little more difficult to drive with the wedge down.

hypedrider7 07-27-2004 10:24 AM

I had a '95 Sunsetter before. I had a 500 lb and 3X 350 lbs sacks in the back and sides of the motor. Upfront I had 150 lbs in the lead in the bow under the seat cushions and 150 of sand bags in the ski locker. Plus a few people the wake can get pretty large. It held a nice shape when alot of people. I will see if I have any good pictures from the old boat and post later on. <BR> <BR>Jerrod

wake2end 07-27-2004 11:13 AM

Thanks Jerrod, if any of you guys have any pictures of the wake shape that would be awesome, aside from the Nauti 2001's, what older boat throws a nice wake?

jklein 07-27-2004 1:31 PM

Here's a video link to my boat's wake with riding. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/media/FFC1a.wmv" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/media/FFC1a.wmv</a>

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