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eclipse 07-23-2004 10:16 AM

sup... i ride on an '02 135 premier. i was riding today and i noticed that my friend who cuts a lot softer then i do was doing better then me today on a smaller wake. i guess maybe you could say that i use more speed instead of pop to make my jumps and he is vise versa. (so if the wake is smaller, i just go thru it instead of up it)... and since i ride a premier (subtle 3-stage) would that nessesarily be the best board for my style? would i want a belmont type board because i cut hard and go far, or would i want a parks type board so it would counter act and kinda make everything equal? <BR> <BR>i know this doesn't really make much sense, but see if you guys can make anyhting out of it... if you don't understand ask me again i guess, heh.

wakechick 07-23-2004 11:12 AM

If you like your style of riding, stick with it. However, it sounds like you are cutting balls out into the wake and more than likely you are flattening off before you hit it, so you aren't popping at all. You can still cut in hard and get good pop as long as you edge all the way through the wake. You will probably land out into the flats a lot more doing this as well. <BR> <BR> I don't think there is a particular board that is made for the type of riding you are doing. Ultimately wakeboards are designed to pop off the wake and not cut right through it. Most peoples' goal when wakeboarding is to go big.

eclipse 07-23-2004 6:32 PM

well thats the thing... i usually land way out in the flats, and on bigger wakes i get pretty good height too... <BR> <BR>(Message edited by eclipse on July 23, 2004)

wakebordr11 07-25-2004 8:02 PM

I find the premier and most 3 stage boards are suited to that style of riding... fluid... meaning softer cut which is how I ride and I seem to pop well I suppose... and I ride a premier... As bonnie said, you may be getting on the gas much too quick and flatting off and not getting the extension, your friend with the mellower cut, he is able to time everything better, and ride all the way up the wake with the mellow cut and straighten his legs to receive the pop more effectively... <BR> <BR>I could be way off but I see guys cut as you describe yourself cutting, and to me, it is incorrect, build your edge as you approach the wake. You are landing in the flats because of the speed you accumulate, your edging/board does the popping, not the speed. <BR> <BR>

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