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david1051 07-23-2004 9:18 AM

I have heard a number say things about poor Mastercraft service. Is this based on local dealer or mastercraft? Any others seem good across the board? I also heard if I buy a Mastercraft from one dealer, another one will not service my boat under warrenty? If this true? THANKS!!!

raider40 07-23-2004 10:08 AM

Mark - first of all I can definitely tell you that if you buy from one MC dealer another will still service your boat under warranty. I bought my X2 in Houston (Darryl Moore's Marine) and moved to Dallas not long after. Texas Mastercraft has taken care of me for the last 2 years even though I didn't buy the boat from them. <BR> <BR>Jeff Knight at TXMC is one of the best servicemen I have ever been involved with. He gets to most all of the problems that day and will do his best to make sure you're out on the water the same day. He's a no BS manager that also rides and cares about his customers.

prostar205v 07-23-2004 10:26 AM

False and false. Service from the dealership(s) I have been to has been good. Warranty can be done at any MC dealer. If you have a warranty issue that you <BR>feel is not being addressed call the factory customer service line. They will establish contact and solution.

parks31 07-23-2004 1:10 PM

Memphis boat center will not work on your boat out of warranty if you did not buy it from them. They said service is a courtesy to people who buy from them.

zboomer 07-23-2004 1:35 PM

So they won't take money to work on a boat, just because it wasn't purchased there? Sad. I'd steer clear of that place like the plague.

mikeski 07-23-2004 5:13 PM

The bay area boat service centers get overbooked in the summer. If you bought your boat from a different dealer you can expect to be put behind the people that bought their boats from the servicing dealer. Decide what matters more to you, having to tow your boat 2 hours to the service center and getting prompt service or having a service center close to home but having to leave your boat with them for 2 weeks until they can get to it.

krbaugh 07-23-2004 10:04 PM

I can see almost any MC dealer working on your boat if you move into the area. If you shop the dealer then go some place else to save some coin. <BR>They way not work on your boat. It would vary from dealer to dealer

sonicr1 07-23-2004 11:29 PM

We had problems with the service center where we bought the boat, but once we moved, we took it to another dealer. We were treated better there then where we bought the boat!

wakelvr 07-24-2004 1:34 AM

I have nothing but good things to say about our local dealer. I have also dealt with MC one on one and have nothing but good things to say. Ski World in Pleasanton will take care of you. Ask for Dean or Tony... They send all MC boats to Liquid Wrenches in Livermore... very nice facility with great guys working there.... email me if you need further information. Where in the bay area are you?

david1051 07-24-2004 7:40 AM

I cam in Pleasanton and I have met with both Ski World and the Sacramento owned dealer. <BR> <BR>Thanks for positive feedback on Ski World

david1051 07-24-2004 7:41 AM

I am in Pleasanton and I have met with both Ski World and the Sacramento owned dealer. <BR> <BR>Thanks for positive feedback on Ski World

freakytikki 07-27-2004 1:14 PM

liquid wrench (ski world of plesanton) killer service.Nice,pro, indoor storage. If you have tower speakers....well this is a must.They also have an awesome HUGE lift to do any kind of work.

freakytikki 07-27-2004 1:18 PM

<BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/181526.jpg" alt="">

offdapeggs 07-28-2004 3:50 PM

I would be suprised if mc's written dealer agreement with the dealers didnt specify that the dealer must perform warranty work no matter where the boat was purchased,,,[i noticed the above post said out of warranty}. <BR> <BR>that being said, it doesnt mean they have to work on it today, bad dealers will tell you, Uh yeah we will do it but we are 4 months behind, and that's there way to get out of fulfilling there part of the dealer agreement....but they will be the first to complain if mc sets up a dealer anywhere close to the so satisfy customer demand. lol

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