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bob 07-22-2004 7:29 PM

After wakeboarding a couple weekends ago we ran into this guy hanging out in Destin, Fla at a place we call crab island. Can you identify the guy on the right in the pic?? <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/180747.jpg" alt="">

emoney 07-23-2004 5:04 AM

Sweet Bob I wish I could have met Mr. Carmichael.....That was probably a big surprise...

norcal_99 07-23-2004 5:20 AM

RC is a totally cool cat. A former sponser introduced me to him at a supercross race a few years ago. He's by far my favorite rider. I can't wait to see him and James Stewart battle next year. <BR>

fox 07-23-2004 5:55 AM

Midwest Correct craft has a promo standup with him in it. My friend tried to wrangle it from them, but they wouldn't give it up. Suzuki has a stellar lineup for the coming season. The opener is in Orlando and then a week later they run at Daytona during bile week. I think it'll be a short 10 days. MX sandwiched around OWC for a week...I should be a wreck by the time I get home.

mango 07-23-2004 7:02 AM

sweet what was he doing there...tricks on a waverunner?

blackhash 07-23-2004 7:02 AM

Dude i am from Destin Fl. It is a great place for the beach and boat, but for wakeboarding not too good. As a matter afact not too many people even know what wakeboarding is there!

mango 07-23-2004 7:03 AM

looks like some yamaha gp1300's in the background...were they yours or his or someone elses?

bob 07-23-2004 10:49 AM

Mango: The boat in the background is mine, the waverunners were attached to the dudes boat RC was with. RC was just chillin with the dudes and he was so cool. A dudes cooler box from the front of one of the waverunners was floating away so i grabbed it and tossed it to the guy so we got to talking and i dont have a clue how it came up but he said ive got Ricky Carmichael on the boat along with the drummer from (i think he said three doors down?) so i said i dont believe you and started walking that way. I shook his hand and said do you mind if i bring my son over and meet you and he was cool so then i said damn i need a picture so when i grow old and loose my memory. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

lake_side 07-26-2004 3:03 AM

That is cool maybe Suzuki will have somebody who can have a winning season.

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