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norcal_99 07-20-2004 8:15 PM

What do you all think of the Kampus K39 wakeskates? <BR> <BR>

malibususpect 07-20-2004 8:20 PM

i have one, and im no pro at wakeskating either but its a pretty fun skate, its kinda small for my likes though. its real easy to kick around and ollie and it seems to be a real sturdy, light weight board. hope this helps

norcal_99 07-22-2004 2:32 AM


gnil 07-25-2004 1:53 AM

I tried one the other day.. and didn' t like it ! <BR>Wasn' t stable enough and didn't edge enough to my taste. I ride a liquid force and it feels much better to me

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