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jeff_h 07-19-2004 7:52 PM

I've been boarding for about a year or so and have been doing pretty well. I was out on the water today and lost feeling in my toes! Is this normall, or is it my bindings?

malibuboarder75 07-19-2004 7:55 PM

your bindings, what kind do you have? try adjusting them different ways to fit you better.

jeff_h 07-19-2004 8:06 PM

I have 2003 Liquid Force Speed Bindings. I have loosend them and moved them to almost every position that you can move them to. I don't know if I need new bindings or what. But it is kinda hard to board when you can't feel your toes.

malibuboarder75 07-19-2004 8:51 PM

ohhh, those arnt the best of bindings. try upgrading to something a little more popular. those are liquid forces low end bindings. Go for the higher end bindings like ultras and exos. Try ebay if you are low on cash.

absolutofft 07-19-2004 9:57 PM

That happened all the time in my ultras, now that I have parks it rarely happens. BTW my XL ultras were smaller than my large parks.

wakechick 07-20-2004 6:29 AM

The older LF bindings did tend to run small. I normally wear a medium binding and I could barely fit into a medium Ultra. After 3 minutes I couldn't feel my feet. I've got medium Alphas now and they fit great - no adjusting needed at all. <BR> <BR> If you have to, loosen up the top overlay to give your foot a little more space in the binding.

jeff_h 07-20-2004 7:59 AM

I think that I will try to get some transits while I am down at Surf Expo this year. I was just wondering. Thanx guys. What about a new board. I want to progress more but I don't know what type of board I should get. I am riding a 143 now and after riding a 136 it feels like a sheet of plywood. what should I do?

wake__freak_66 07-24-2004 4:47 PM

that usually happens to me. i would just take a break

jeff_h 07-24-2004 8:09 PM

Hope it wont happen anymore. I just pick up a new 04 LF Fusion 139 and 04 LF Alpha Bindings. <BR> <BR>

882001 07-24-2004 9:39 PM

yes its normal

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