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beajackass 07-19-2004 12:33 PM

I tryed to do a little surfing behind my 88 ski nautique but i couldnt get the wake big enough to drop the rope, I was using a really small board though. Anyone had any success? I have a 1200 pound sack and 2 500 sacks. Placement suggestions?

aaronlee13 07-19-2004 2:43 PM

not to rip on your riding, but is it cuz the wave was small (if so post a pick of the wake), or your not that good yet? you got a lot of weight... make sure you got the correct technique too... can you usually ride without the rope on other boats?

beajackass 07-19-2004 10:33 PM

iv done it before behind a tige and it was easy to find the pocket. I tried like 1000ish in the back behind the driver, and 500 in front of that. i didnt really feel comfortable adding anymore because of how low it was riding

ride_klein 07-20-2004 8:27 AM

I've got an 86 Ski Nautique and I'm having a hard time finding the pocket on my boat as well. I'm surfing the Landlock, but don't think the boat has enough wake behind it. <BR> <BR>Somebody has got to have a good weighting for the old Skis. We've had the best luck putting weight not only up front, but also on both sides. Seems like with the boat being as skinny as it is you need to drive the entire boat into the water or else the wake pops up too close to the stern. <BR> <BR>Anybody have a good setup?

boardbagcom 07-20-2004 2:20 PM

I have an 84' Nautique (same hull) and I can get the wake almost hip high (5'8" 175lbs.) and can ride almost a good 10' back, maybe more. I over fill the large Fat Sac in the rear (w/no back seat) and on the side I'm surfing, a tube sac and a side sac (stacked). I'll try and post some pics tomorrow. <BR> <BR>BoardBag.com

aaronlee13 07-20-2004 2:27 PM

lets see the pics!

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