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07-18-2004 8:50 PM

im just an intermediate rider been ridin for ayear and im ready 2 try inverts anyone got any suggestions on a good one 2 start with plz include some tips on how 2 do them

07-19-2004 1:44 AM

easiest invert is Backroll but if you can get good pop, you can try tantrum also

07-19-2004 2:20 PM

how do u do the backroll?

07-19-2004 4:55 PM

this will help you for doing a backroll. <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/Tricklist/TrickTip004.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/Tricklist/TrickTip004.asp</a>

malibuboarder75 07-19-2004 5:16 PM

backroll first <BR>it teaches proper edging. tantrum is all about patience.

jklein 07-21-2004 4:37 PM

I learned tantrum first because I'm too parinoid of nose diggers trying a backroll. Wish I could get over that fear.

07-23-2004 4:48 AM

im the opposite way... ive tried like 150 backrolls trying to learn them, but im too scared to crush my ankles doing a tantrum

09-12-2004 8:44 AM

the easiest invert there is a raley, believe it or not but it is extremely easy, what makes people think it is so hard is the fear, my first invert was the tantrum then i did a hs backroll then a ts backroll and then i did a raley and i was shocked to how easy it was it was really scary at first but now its the easiest invert in my pocket

09-12-2004 11:40 AM

defenitely backroll!! <BR> <BR>it's much easier than a raley!! <BR> <BR> <BR>greets from austria!!

09-14-2004 11:10 AM

yah but learning raleys probably sucks... every wipe out will be bad! you need lots of air to do the trick... so when you fall, you fall face first from high up! i guess once you learn it, its easy. im just chicken of the wipeouts

09-16-2004 2:25 PM

I have to admit raleys are probably the easiest to be most consistant with and learning isnt too bad if you have a wakeskate. Personally i would lear a tantrum first if your athletic and gymnastic like and a backroll if you are worried about making the flip.

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