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wakebordr11 07-18-2004 8:27 PM

Ive got a few questions about aftermarket towers. I noticed some mfgs make the OEM towers for companies ofcourse that use the standard mounting holes etc so I could technically update but those towers are expensive... like double and I dont really fancy the style. But what I was wondering is these towers like the monster tower... or titan, will I need to patch and fill the holes from my original tower and then drill new? or is each tower dimensioned to fit the OEM mount locations? <BR>Help appreciated <BR>Duane <BR> <BR>ps I am getting sick of my old tige tower

grampawakerider 07-18-2004 8:43 PM

YOu can attach a Monster tower to the same place as the old tower, just as long as the holes lines up on the mounts. The tower itself is very adjustable to fit nearly any application. Monster Towers take two holes per mount so you may have to drill a hole and/or resize the holes you already have. But they can be placed in the same locations as your old tower. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by grampawakerider on July 18, 2004)

wakebordr11 07-18-2004 9:28 PM

sweet, may be something to look into, thanks man, anybody else have any experience with this? <BR> <BR>thanks <BR> <BR>duane

monstertower 07-23-2004 12:53 PM

There is no standard so all the tower builders have different mounting patterns. I know serveral of our customers had the older tige tower and replaced them. If you need any help with moving to a Monster give me a call. If your going to another tower get with them and they'll help you figure out ahead of time what to expect as far as changing, adding, filling or covering holes from the change out.

wakebordr11 07-25-2004 7:36 PM

Sweet, now thats SERVICE. Seeing as Im in college and in a large family I dont intend on changing boats any time soon, but a new tower would be nice, maybe in the off season and you guys are on the top of my list, I always like it when the mfg posts to help out. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Duane

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