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07-18-2004 6:57 PM

I have the spin just fine but I can't find the handle... can anyone help me out?

doubleup360 07-18-2004 8:45 PM

practie on land! that is the #1 best thing todo

07-19-2004 7:06 PM

your probably just throwing it. theres big difference then actully grabbing the handle and landing it than just throwing a 360. the spin isn't that hard of a rotation to accomplish. make sure that you get air before spinning (this will keep you on axis). try to spin under control it might seem slower and that you won't get enough rotation but you'll be surpised how slow you can spin and still get the full 360. make sure that you have your 180s on lock and try it on which ever way you have the best 180. i did it first ts and didn't get it until i had my ts 180s w2w dialed. if you have your 180s good then try to start off just as a big 180 so that its controled then pass the handle late. just work at it you'll get it.

brhanley 07-21-2004 9:54 AM

Tim is right on...get the mechanics of the handle pass down by hooking an old rope to a post/tree/whatever. Even better, practice on a tramp.

malibuboarder75 07-26-2004 7:28 PM

Ive landed about 25 - 360s now, but for some reason I cant land them anymore. I seem to land leaning to far back. I wait till I am in mid air to start the rotation and everything looks perfect until the landing and I fall back. Maybe I should keep my shoulders over the front of the board more or add a slob grab. any suggestions?

07-26-2004 10:14 PM

keep your head up possibly? you might just be getting lazy with some of the mechanics.

blaize 07-27-2004 3:10 PM

leo, I have the same problem right now. I was landing them fine, took two hard falls, and now I can't land them anymore. I lean so far back that even if I do get the handle it just gets ripped out on the landing. <BR> <BR>I think it's pretty much all mental. I know I'm leaning back so that I don't go over the front on landings, and I need to get out of that habit. What I've been doing is taking my HS 180's big and really waiting until the last second to rotate. Hopefully that'll help me wait a little bit longer and stay balanced when I start trying 360s again. <BR> <BR>Good luck, <BR>Mike

07-27-2004 9:58 PM

are you using a wakeboard handle or a ski one, cuz i had a ski handle and couldnet do it and as soon as i got the wakeboard hanld eit was so much easter cuz if the exter width.

bigjackamo 07-29-2004 11:14 AM

Something that works for me is on my edge in I am constantly reminding my self to put more weight on the front foot. If you are sliding out to the back you are comming in with too much weight on the back foot. Remember you land the same way you take off from the wake. Another thing that helps me "stay forward" on the board is throwing a slob grab in with your spin. Sounds like it would be more difficult but I acutally am more consistant with a grab than without.

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