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doubleup360 07-18-2004 12:31 PM

Everytime I try a hs fronflip I end up doing a half fron half tantrum. I thought onetime I say this called a fantrum? does any know anything about this or know how to help me fix it please help.

07-19-2004 2:46 AM

i have same problem dude <BR> <BR>but i'm doing "fantrum" because our boat wake is so tiny, impossible to do right frontflip

07-19-2004 6:57 AM

I had this same problem when I was learning them also. The key is to keep the rope low and tight to your waist the whole time. Try and think about keeping your elbows pinched to your ribs throughout the trick. The other thing is you have to make sure you are leading the trick with the front of your shoulder and not the back of it. If you do these two things you should have your problem fixed no problem. <BR> <BR>

dakid 07-24-2004 3:39 AM

a. don't square up to the wake. <BR> <BR>b. throw your lead ear forward and down as your bring your lead knee up. <BR> <BR>c. keep elbows in and keep handle close.

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