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tripod ski rope stand sorta thingy 05-14-2002 12:06 AM

So its like this. <BR>Im still a young doode, 19. No way in hell Im going to have an Air Nauti anytime soon, nor would my parents ever shell out for that sorta thing. <BR> <BR>However the family 17ft outboard has taught me all i know and to respect a ride behind a good boat when I get it. Unlike some peaps I see with brand new boats, learning on a wake up past their knee's. Makes me kinda pissed. <BR> <BR>Anyways Im kinda thinking that the direct pull from above the motor (tripod ski rope stand sorta thingy) is ripping my arms off and makes it feel like im riding 1000 times faster. <BR> <BR>When I do get the chance to ride behind somethign with a pole or tower, it feels like im barely moving along the water. <BR> <BR>Basically its f*cking up my learnin because Ill go for a 3 or something and it automatically throws me off axis, finding it tough to ever stay upright cuz the boat pulls so abruptly. I ride at about 20 mph , any slower and its way too hard to keep the boat at a consistent speed. <BR> <BR>Anyone have some wisdom on how I can take the "pull" out of my pull and feel like Im not being pulled by a 5.0 <BR> <BR>ciao <BR>Brennan

05-22-2002 12:51 AM

its probably your rope.. get a low/no stretch spectra rope

chris_hargis 06-03-2002 9:31 AM

Brennan, <BR> I ride behind a Fish and Ski with an outboard also. I used to use the ski pole on the rear deck and I was still able to get in some 3's. Your off axis may be from starting the spin too early. I used to do that and I would wipe out everytime. I do have a roll cage on the boat now, but except for going a little higher, I don't feel a difference in the pull. I ride at about 23 MPH and just rode behind Shaun Murray's boat this weekend at 21-22 MPH. Except for the difference in wake size and shape, I didn't feel any different about the pull. $900 will get you into a roll cage and get the rope up higher, but you still should be able to get the spins with the lower rope position. I agree with the rope comment. Are you using a regular ski rope? I fel that before I got a good spectre rope. <BR> <BR>Just try to start your spin after you have gotten in the air.

smylie 06-27-2002 12:57 PM

Where did u ride with murray

davidgree1 07-24-2002 12:43 PM

Ski gloves=The Clinchers. Available at Barts.

shutupandboard 08-15-2002 8:29 PM

I've got an extra pair of brand new clinchers i'll sell you for $25

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