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07-15-2004 1:45 PM

Could some help with a good description of how this trick is to be done? Thanks

08-09-2004 5:54 AM

Hi Terry, <BR>i find the best way to get into the bk slide position is think about doing a bk side surface 360. First cut heelside a little then cut bk onto your toes as you do this push your bk leg out, so the board goes horizonal.Now start leaning bk so you get a massive spray. I let go with my bk hand, this helps me with balance and if you lean far enough bk your hand will skim the surface of the water. Soon you will be able 2 do this in 1 smooth motion and it will look great. <BR>I hope this helps,Richard AKA mk wakeboarder

wake_eater 08-09-2004 9:12 PM

its alot easier on butter, trying to pull it on chop is almost impossible. cut away from the wake with good speed, then quickly cut the board back to the wake allowing the fins to break loose. when the board turns &amp; u feel it break loose, lean back. hope this helps!

08-10-2004 9:17 AM

try it at a slower speed or the inside of turns first because the fins break loose easier. think of reaching for the handle the first couple of times to help get the board to slide. <BR> <BR>wait did u mean back slide as in sliding along on your back with the board out of the water as if to do a tumbleturn? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by edward on August 10, 2004)

08-10-2004 10:14 AM

Slow the boat down to about 15 mph, kick your back foot out and at the same time try to break the rope over your hips on the opposite side. Thats how I learned it.

tparider 08-10-2004 11:47 AM

I think he's talking about an actual "BACK" slide - like on your back. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/179839.html?1090447839" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/179839.html?1090447839</a> <BR> <BR>Terry - I know you want to learn this for the "point value" of the trick, but doing it is absolutely worthless in the grand scheme of becoming a better rider.

tparider 08-10-2004 12:20 PM

I just re-read my post and it sounded a little harsh - <BR>Terry, I didn't mean anything offensive by my comment.

08-11-2004 4:40 PM

Yes, back slide Edward. Evan, sorry I don't understand "break the rope over your hips" would you explain. And when you say "kick your back foot out" is that to break the boards edge lose like for a side slide, then go to the back slide? <BR>Thanks for responding guys. And no problem David, with the comment.

tparider 08-12-2004 10:07 AM

Terry - all the answers above were advising you on the proper way to perform a backside slide, ie - a power slide in the flats where you turn your body away from the boat, let go with one hand, your fins break loose from the water, and you slide with your board perpendicular to the path of the boat. <BR> <BR>No one gave you advice on the Back Slide.

08-12-2004 1:15 PM

Ok, thanks no wonder I was confused, I've been trying that also. I'll read them again.

09-06-2004 1:47 PM

finally doing both of them layback and blindside toe slide. Thanks for the help.

wakeslife 07-28-2005 5:27 PM

anyone else confused?? <BR>

ss1234 07-28-2005 6:23 PM

there was one...????

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