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07-14-2004 10:47 PM

ok can somebody explain to me how i would do a tantrum? last week i learned backflips off the boat and then took them to my trampoline easily with or w/o a handle and found out they're crazy easy. so i'm thinking a tantrum would be an easier first invert than my backroll attempt that failed horribly. how do i get the pop off the wake? you seem to sort hit it sideways. help me out with some tips so i can try it this weekend.

07-16-2004 1:21 AM

Tantrum is not a so difficult trick, but but a timimg base trick. <BR>First you need speed in order to reach enough amplitude. <BR>Dirat of all go away from the boat on your heelside, about 5 to 6 meters, wait for the boat tension and start a progressive edge to the wake. Important thing is keep on edge all the way, you edge should be hard when you reach the wake. <BR> <BR>Then the key is now... when you nearlyy reach the bottom of the wake switch edging to be in your toeside in order to place your back parallel to the boat path. AT the time you will get a natural pop..... <BR> <BR>good luck

07-21-2004 3:53 PM

dude.height.its everything on tantrums.if u can get enough heigth u can thro it as slow as u want.wut u need to do iz b very agressive w/ it.cut into the wake and right at the trough of the wake let go w/ one hand. then u need a trip flip edge wich iz wen u edge one way and suddenly the other way but not like super duper hard.pop off the wake like normal but backwards.then wen in the air thro ur head like a mother.like a fat mother. im serious. then SPOT UR LANDING so important. wen u get it dial its like nothing else sucha crowd pleaser

jklein 07-21-2004 4:31 PM

I learned this trick at wakeboard camp three weeks ago: <BR> <BR>1. You need a good wide heelside cut to build quite a bit of speed into the wake. Faster is better for this trick as long as you're in control. Be 100% comitted to throwing the trick. You can't be apprehensive. <BR>2. As you get to the base of the wake, flatten out your board and start to turn as if you are going to cut into the wake and surf off the wake back out into the flats where you came from. <BR>3. When your board and your shoulders are heading in the same direction as the boat (parallel to the wake), stomp down on your front foot, let go with your back hand off the handle, and open up your head to the sky (look up), while you straighten out your legs. Don't throw your head back, but look up to the sky. <BR>4. Doing #3 correctly will 'trip' you and pop you up at the same time. <BR>5. Throw your legs over your head. If you can do it a bit tucked instead of layed out, you will rotate faster. Over rotating is ok as you're learning the trick. Under rotating is bad and will crush your ankles. Trust me my ankle got crushed. <BR>6. Try to spot the water when you're coming around. If you're rotating too slow, and can't tuck it in anymore, try giving the rope and extra tug while you're flipping. <BR> <BR>I know it's alot to try to remember when everything is flying by in a blur.

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