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07-12-2004 7:55 PM

I am still having trouble with my backroll. I am landing with my weight all behind the board and falling on my butt. I have read the other similar posts but still have problems. Watching the vid in slo-mo i can see that the board is not going tip over tail but i am somehow turning in the air. i am attaching a still shot to show what i mean. any help would be appreciated. Thanks <BR> <BR><a href="http://webzoom.freewebs.com/milanboys/Picture%20078.mov" target="_blank">http://webzoom.freewebs.com/milanboys/Picture%20078.mov</a> <BR> <BR><a href="http://webzoom.freewebs.com/milanboys/backroll%20still.bmp" target="_blank">http://webzoom.freewebs.com/milanboys/backroll%20still.bmp</a>

07-13-2004 9:31 PM

ur not clearing the wake. work on clearin the whole wake and u will have another foot or 2 of air time to land it.

pittsy 07-13-2004 10:11 PM

i looks like you are throwing it to early off the wake because you are already upside down and just passed the wake you just left dont throw in so early and just stick the handle on your lead hip or let go with your back hand so you dont rotate in the air to 180

the_pimp 07-15-2004 7:09 AM

Dude <BR> <BR>I'm doing a similar thing to you - my vid's look just the same as that. Basically, you need to hold your edge up and through the wake. Watch your video and you'll see you flatten the board off just as you're coming to the wake. Keep on that edge for the hold and release effect! In turn, this will make you carry more speed into and through the wake so making you clear it. You, like me, are so damn close to this it hurts - landing in the roughest most abussive bit of the wake - the upside. All it needs is a little more committment on that edge and you'll have more height and distance! <BR> <BR>Do it man!!

07-15-2004 5:57 PM

yeah, actually i noticed that i was flattening out just a little before i got to the wake. i think that may be my biggest issue. thanks for all your help guys. i hope to have a video of my first successful one after this weekend.

leewilson 07-16-2004 10:46 AM

Josh <BR> <BR>Been working on a backroll most of this summer. I finally landed it yesterday and was able to do 3 in row..whoohooo.. What I learned is you need to cut up and over the wake, then look over your lead shoulder. Also keep tension which basically means pulling a bit on the rope with your lead hand. I ended up releasing my backhand on a couple so I would land fakey. Also keep an eye on the boat when you rotate so you can ride away. After you land the first, you'll get the feeling and the rest is history. I am so stoked and you will be too when you get it down. <BR> <BR>Hope that helps...on to a tantrum...

malibuboarder75 07-18-2004 8:27 PM

need more speed...maybe try shortening the rope so you can clear the wake.

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