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07-12-2004 3:38 PM

Did it take you to land your first... <BR> <BR>hs backroll? <BR> <BR>tantrum? <BR> <BR>ts front roll? <BR> <BR>360? <BR> <BR>

bradb 07-12-2004 5:01 PM

hs backroll and 360 I learned on a trick ski first. It probably took me 3 days of 40 - 50 attempts per day to learn the hs backroll on my trick ski. (I was black and blue like crazy!) Once I took them to the wakeboard, it probably took 2 - 10 attempts to get them down. <BR>Tantrum was a new type of flip for me (no real trick ski equivalent)... I spent 4 - 5 sessions of about 10 - 15 tries / session before I landed my first one. Took a while more to get them consistant. <BR>ts front roll - I hadn't done any type of fronts until this year, but landed a scarecrow on my 5th try! I havent tried the front yet. <BR>B <BR>

pittsy 07-13-2004 5:53 PM

how can you do a scarecrow with out doing a front roll?

bradb 07-14-2004 1:11 PM

Matt, <BR>Just kinda happened! I hold on with both hands through the trick and just get pulled around to revert. I also find a ts backroll to revert easier than a regular ts backroll (Though in that case I can do both - hold on with both hands and handle to the hip that you want to land in front). <BR>B <BR>

malibuboarder75 07-14-2004 5:51 PM

1000 attempts for backroll <BR>25 attempts for tantrum <BR>8 attempts for 360 <BR>3 attempts for raley <BR>1 attempt for wrapped 360...i lost 70lbs over the winter after I landed a backroll the end of summer. I figured i needed to be thinner to be better. it worked

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