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doubleup360 07-11-2004 1:59 PM

I have only tried about 10 of these and I have landed 3. I dont know what I do on the ones i land but the ones I miss the board slips out and I land on my back. I get plenty of air and rotation but I can figure out how to stop it? Can anyone help me

07-12-2004 8:18 AM

Its my turn to help you Tim <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>One reason why your board slip below you or you are landing on your back is that as you said to much rotation. <BR>in order to avoid this , while you approching the wake bend your knees and be real patient wait wait wait until you feel off the wake. <BR>One key while doing this is that do not through your head back whil doing the trick, the wake and good approch will make you rotate. If you approach is corerct and you through your head back it will accelerate the rotation. Try to feel like you want make an indy grab at the same time, be in air first and rotate only after. <BR> <BR>An other thing that make your speed in rotation is in case you bend your knees while rotating. More straight your legs will be slower the rotation will be. <BR> <BR>hope it help

bradb 07-12-2004 5:06 PM

Try to really feel your weight over your toes when you land. You always want to land with the board on edge. <BR>B <BR>

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