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07-11-2004 11:23 AM

Dear all, one full week now that I try to pass a scare crow but no luck I cannot feel the pop at all, hoping you could help me. <BR>I can land without trouble toeside backroll, when I practice my toeside wake to wake jump I feel reall good and in air, but when I start to setup my toesdie edge for a scarecrow attemp thats an other story. I ha ve read manny post on that trick I even get a video. In my mind the trick should not be so dificult but I really cannot feel the pop. <BR> <BR>here is how I do. I go away from the bota on my heelside and the start edgin toeside in the direction of the wake, then I edge harder while approching the wake by placing the handle close to my front hip. When i nearly reach he wake I realease a bit my edging and try to pull the nose of my board align to the boat path while extended my lengs at the same time in order to get that famouse pop. But all the time I am to low to start anything.... <BR>When I edge in the direction to the wake my weight is a bit on my left foot in order to reach speed and after I place my weight equal on both <BR> <BR>What I is missing here or why am I doing wrong guys. I know its not easy to get an answer but that all I have as I could not start any rotation yet cause I really feel low. <BR> <BR>Is there a way to practice just the first pahse of that trick I mean feeling the pop.. <BR> <BR>thanks for wyour help <BR>regards <BR>Serge (france)

doubleup360 07-11-2004 1:54 PM

I just learned crows this year. The key to me was you have to use a trip-flip aproach to this trick, like a tantrum. Come in hard and fast and let the wake through it for you. One problem I had was that I through it to early, you just have to wait till you feel yourself take off. But the biggest thing in found that helped me land this trick was when you are in the air really focus on ripping the handle to your back hip once you get 1/2 way around. <BR> <BR>I hope this helps.

07-12-2004 8:07 AM

So you mean that I have to make a hard easy cut on edge on my toeside and when I nearlly reach the wake initiate chnge fast to my heelside edge and this will give me the pop? <BR> <BR>is that correct? <BR> <BR>serge

doubleup360 07-12-2004 11:20 AM

yeah that is how I do it its like a tantrum cut. I hope it helps.

07-12-2004 12:58 PM

I will give a try as soon as the weather is good. <BR>by the way a last question before anything else, at which time exactly do you start to look over your back shoulder? <BR> <BR>How lonmg does it takes for you to succeed that trick?

doubleup360 07-12-2004 1:36 PM

I dont look over my back shoulder, I dont even throw my head I just look up. <BR>It took me 5 tries this year to land it and once I did I never miss it.

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