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07-08-2004 7:49 PM

whenever i get out i get a good cut but then i get in 2 the wake and i just cant get all the way could it be becasuse i dont have a tower?? does that really make much of a diffrence b/c i have never ridden w/ a tower so i wouldnt know thanks...i was also wonderin if anyone had any tricks on goin in toeside b/c i cant keep the board strait cuz i always get a lil squirly and the board trys to turn bak 2 normal and i always end up catchin an edge thanks <BR> <BR>aaron <BR> <BR>(Message edited by liquidfcekid on July 08, 2004)

07-21-2004 7:07 AM

hey aaron, it dosent matter if u have a tower or not idk if u have a tripod or not but u can get a good one from a marine dealer. but to help u with ur w2w when u cut out cut out as far as u want (for me 15 20 ") out frm the wake and then wait untill the rope tightens and then start your progressive edge into the wake and at the bottom of the wake push down and then stand tall at the top give u more pop and will help u clear the wake! ( the harder u push down and then stand tall the more height u can get ) good luck man

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