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autotunner69 07-03-2004 9:47 PM

I have been trying and trying to author DVD's so I can watch my computer edited vids on my home player. <BR>I bought Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and have been doing everything possible to burn to dvd. NOTHING!! I keep getting an "Error: encoding title 1 of 1" and it will not play back even on my PC. <BR>I got reading into the system requirments and it says for DVD, slide show or video authoring: -1.2GHz intel Pentium III or equivalent or for real-time MPEG-2 capture and burning- 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent? <BR>I am running 800MGHz Pentium 2. <BR>1.)Will this enable me from authoring and playing on my home theatre? <BR>2.)Do I need to buy an upgrade Processor or get a new PC? <BR>Thanks for any help. It's driving me NUTS!!

07-08-2004 1:58 AM

If you have an 800MHz CPU it's likely a Pentium III and not a P2. <BR> <BR>An 800MHz PIII will still encode MPEG2 video for DVD authoring, albeit much more slowly than a 1.6GHz P4. <BR> <BR>You are probably getting some other error not related to your CPU speed, although I don't have any experience with Roxio EMC 7 (sorry... I HATE roxio software-- would recommend NERO or DVD Architect from Sonic Foundry). <BR> <BR>

autotunner69 07-08-2004 9:40 PM

Thanks Cliff. I'll check some other things out.

colorider 07-09-2004 9:43 AM

I author with an 800mhz using Nero and have no problems. Here is how. You need a LOT of ram, I am running 768meg of ram. Also, close all programs running in the background (cntrl/alt/delete) and close those you don't need at that time. Really speeds things up and prevents hangs.

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