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hyperliterider1 06-30-2004 6:21 AM

Which kind of shuvit should i learn first a shuvit off the lip or one in the flats which one is easier

vance 06-30-2004 8:46 PM

one in the flats..

jamie_lamar 07-01-2004 5:45 AM

I learned mine on the flats. Of the wake you’re going a bit more than 180 with the board, and the water isn’t as nice. The better you can ollie the easier it is. I couldn’t land one for a while then I got some good tech help (thanks to Mr.Byerly) and worked on my ollies for awhile. Once I had that down good, shuv-its were easier to land. Scott did one on “Snap” in the flats that I don’t even think the board got out of the water, but you better loose the fins.

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