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san_man 06-29-2004 10:31 PM

Wondering what the best weight set up on a Sante Correct Craft 210 would be? I tried more weight but found that all the weight at the back was the best way to go.

mike_collins 06-30-2004 2:24 PM

If you are wake surfing... place as much weight as possible on the the right side (Starboard), - the correct craft has counter rotating prop, so you will need to be be on the Backside wake. have the driver make a slow arc (clockwise) and you will have a great wake for surfing

aaronlee13 06-30-2004 2:40 PM

I always weight it evenly, from left to right side... This way i can cross over to the other side, and if you ride goofy you'll want5 to be on the left side...

san_man 07-03-2004 10:16 AM

I tried huge weight - lead and water but found what is important is lots of weight in the very back corner- people. I still have a problem going 15-20 feet back - I am 195 lbs with a small board for tricks.

san_man 07-04-2004 4:48 PM

I got to heavy friends to sit on the back pad and the wave is much better. Can surf 20 feet back no problem.

purana182 07-16-2004 7:27 PM

has any body found a way to get the port side to form well enough to ride, tons of weight or just not possible? <BR>

lucky 03-16-2005 5:41 AM

What speed is best on the SAN's?

laptom 03-16-2005 5:52 AM

Slightly under 10 (9.7) works the best for us..

lucky 03-16-2005 7:27 AM

Thank you, how far back is best.

bruky__ 06-19-2005 11:24 PM

Fill only the rear tank on the side you plan on riding on. Place a sack above the tank and fill as much as you can. Lay a 5-700 bag either on the port bench going lengthwise down the gunnel or behind the drivers seat, sort of halfway on the rear bench. Get everyone as far back into a corner as possible or on the sundeck, and the wake is huge. At 10-flat we get a hard packed, super clean, waist high on me (6'3) wave that is ridable from 3' to 12' (measured using rope) behind the boat without wash. Staying in the pocket becomes less an issue than getting pushed into the boat. <BR> <BR>Super Airs are very easy to get a great wakesurf out of, just takes some weighting down like any other boat.

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