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shiftywakeskate 06-29-2004 9:59 PM

i want to try wakesurfing but i dont know anyone that has one that i can borrow, and i dont want to just go out and by an actual board. but i have a big thick kneeboard and was wondering if that would work at all? <BR>

blackandblue 06-30-2004 12:22 PM

Ya'know luke, I was thinkin the exact same thing looking at kneeboards in the local shop just the other day. I may have the opportunity to try it out this weekend...I'll let you know.

srh00z 07-02-2004 1:38 PM

My crew did this last weekend with a compression molded kneeboard, and it was alot of fun, we have never tried wakesurfing with a real board, nobody ever successfully dropped the handle and it was a real loose ride, but I managed to carve a bit, I was surprised at how fun it was, it was raining so going wakeboard speeds was out of the question, but wakesurfing was perfect.

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