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elttuvi 06-29-2004 12:40 PM

hey, i have been trying to wakesurf of of my seadoo challenger x jet boat, and have been having some problems. i am currently using the landlock. the wake is a little below knee high wit a 600lb sack as far to the right as i can get it (not enough space on total right, its more like middle right), and i can drop the rope, and then loose it 1 second later. is it me, the boat, or a combination of the two. my friend whose been wakesurfin a while was using an inland surfer chubby, and he also lost the wake about 5 seconds later and he's usually good. my wake is also really close to the boat, when going about 11 mph, my board almost hits the boat. <BR> <BR>please let me know if i have a chance at doing it or if im just screwed, <BR> <BR>thanx

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